Mushroom Growing Substrates

Coconut Coir Based Mushroom Growing Substrate
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Coconut Coir Based Mushroom Growing Substrate
  • Model: OG1020
  • Manufactured by: Out-Grow

Price:   $5.50

Coconut Coir Mushroom Growing Substrate
Coconut Coir
Please note if you are starting from a spore syringe you will need to start with sterilized grains or rye berries, which we have in our store.

Coconut coir mushroom substrate is a specially formulated mushroom growing substrate for growing edible mushrooms. This is an alternative to using a manure based substrates, not every one likes to play with poo!

This substrate will give you remarkable results. We take 100% organic coconut coir and then fortify it with all the necessary minerals and vitamins that mushrooms need to grow. Our special mix is nitrogen rich as well as containing all the necessary micro and macro nutrients that mycelium need to thrive. By processing the coconut coir and mixing it with various ingredients we create the absolute best manure alternative substrates on the market today. Carefully pH balanced and proper moisture content is guaranteed.

This sale is for a one pound bag.