Mushroom Grow Bags

Small Mushroom Grow Bags With 0.2 Micron Filter
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Small Mushroom Grow Bags With 0.2 Micron Filter
  • Model: OGS2MF

Price:   $0.90

Details: For your consideration are these top of the line mushroom grow bags. These small bags are 4" X 3" X 18" with gusseted sides! Small grow bags with a high filter allows you use much more substrate then most other bags available on the market. Use these bags for running spawn and get great results. The 0.2 micron filter patch allows for proper gas exchange but exclude water vapor so your spawn does not dehydrate. The filter also keeps contaminates out. We choose this filter size for its efficiency and because it allows the bag to be sealed before you sterilize. The material is polypropylene and is heat resistant up to 260°F. Gas transmission is 1 in h2O.

Small bags are acceptable for spawn running. You will need a 8" or larger impulse sealer to properly seal these bags, however, you can get away with using paperclips or a similar device.

The uses for these bags include mushroom cultivation, mushroom spawn production, incubation of fungal products and bio-control industries.