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Wild Crafted Chaga Tea
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Wild Crafted Chaga Tea
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Flavor Profile

Chaga tea requires a longer steeping time 5-10 minute is recommended. Watch this tea develop into a beautiful color of dark amber (similar to coffee). The aroma of Chaga tea is best described as earthy. Imagine the fresh smell of rich soil after a rainfall in nature. Chaga tea has a flavor combination that consists of a woody and earthy balance with delicate highlight of moss. It may be surprising that there is little or no taste of mushroom. This is a medium-full bodied tea and is delightful on its own or this tea works well with honey or preferred natural sweeteners. Even a little almond milk if you prefer a creamier texture.

Chaga Tea Health Benefits

Chaga Mushroom Antioxidants

In the world of both mushrooms and herbal tea, chaga is truly one of a kind. It in no way resembles the kind of mushrooms most are familiar with; instead, this mushroom grows mainly on birch trees, and its appearance could easily be mistaken for a growth of burnt bark. In spite of such an odd appearance, this mushroom has a long history of cultivation, and is greatly respected in the herbal world. Chaga has earned a number of dynamic titles, such as “The King of Mushrooms” and the “Diamond of the Forest”. It can be found in birch forests almost everywhere, including Russia, Korea, some parts of Europe, the northern U.S. and Canada.

A True Herbal Treasure

As its nicknames suggest, chaga mushrooms have much more to offer than a tasty herbal tea. This herbal tea is practically a treasure trove with the wealth of nutrients it provides. Chaga is a natural source of B vitamins, and has exceptionally high levels of vitamin B5. This is because chaga mushrooms absorb the B vitamins from the birch trees they grow on. Its mineral content includes copper, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, calcium and selenium. Chaga is also known to provide a variety of antioxidants, and its prime constituents include flavonoids, amino acids, fiber, melanin and triterpenoids. All of this merely demonstrates a handful of what can be found in chaga.

Buy Chaga Mushroom Tea

As if it weren’t already amazing enough, chaga tea is caffeine-free, which makes it a wonderful asset to the cupboard of any enthusiastic tea drinker. This high-quality chaga tea is made straight from sustainably wild-harvested chaga mushroom and utilizes the entire mushroom, both important for maintaining all of the good qualities found in chaga