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Malt Extract Agar five 100 X 15mm Sterilized Petri Dishes
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Malt Extract Agar five 100 X 15mm Sterilized Petri Dishes
  • Model: OG1062
  • Manufactured by: Out-Grow

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Details: Sterilized Malt Extract Agar

Out-Grow makes our own malt extract agar from scratch. Out-Grow only uses the highest quality ingredients possible. Out-Grow sterilizes the malt extract agar and pour it into sterilized petri dishes in front of a laminar flow hood. >Sterilized malt extract agar is suitable for most any species of fungi.

Out-Grow guarantees your Malt Extract Agar to be 100% sterilized and contamination Free.

You can use Malt Extract Agar to expand most any fungi species. Mycelium will quickly run across the top of the agar allowing you to make agar wedges for inoculation, isolate sectors, or even inoculate your own sterile liquid cultures. If you want to preserve or isolate your gourmet edible cultures, this is the perfect way. There are many uses for this product and Out-Grow guarantees your agar sterile and usable at your front door. You will receive five 100 X 15mm sterilized and pre-poured sterilized petri dishes filled with malt extract agar. UPC: 628586695498

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