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60 Watt Dual Head LED Grow Light
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60 Watt Dual Head LED Grow Light
  • Model: OGLEDGL100

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60 Watt Dual Head led Grow Light


This listing is for one dual head led grow light

A great led grow light that is surprisingly bright. This led grow light boasts two 30 watt led grow bulbs that produce great results. This unit also has a convenient clip and dual switch. Works great for any plants, succulents and even mushrooms!

• Energy saving, environmental friendly and high brightness
•Dual head with 360-degree flexible neck and clamp, easy to adjust and place anywhere.It can cover a larger area and offer energy for more plants;
•Double switches make it more convenient and free to use( one switch independently controls one lamp head, you can flexibly turn on one or two head according to actual condition )


How dose the grow light work:

* 24pcs Blue SMD (wavelength: 430nm ~ 450nm): good for the photosynthesis, best for promoting the leaf
* 44pcs Red SMD (wavelength: 630nm ~ 660nm): efficient and beneficial for photosynthesis, best for blooming and fruit, can also help plants sprout, is the key for flowering plants
* 4pcs IR SMD (wavelength: 730nm): IR can help plants grow * 4pcs UV SMD (wavelength: 380nm): UV can help plants grow and kill insects * 4pcs day white light (6000K): increase brightness * Best lighting time: 10-12hrs per day

1. Input: AC 85V-275V. 50Hz-60Hz.
2. Power: 60W(30W for each light).
3. leds type: 5730
4.Luminous angle: 180°
5.Irradiated area 0.5-1 square
6.working temperature 77-113
7.Operating humidity 45%-90%
8.Service life 50000H
6. Product dimension: 19.6*2.36 inch. Weight: 0.9kg.


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