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Maine Chaga & Clay Mask
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Maine Chaga & Clay Mask
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Maine Chaga & Clay Mask


  • MUCH MORE Than Just Clay Alone
  • 8 Natural & Organic Skin-Loving Ingredients
  • Use For Sun Damaged Skin, Dull Skin, Removing Impurities, Uneven Skin Tone & Texture, Excess Oil
  • Exceptionally High Nutritive & Antioxidant Properties

Maine Chaga & Clay Mask has exceptionally high nutritional properties. Clay has been used for centuries to cleanse and beautify but we now have upgraded clay masks to do even more. Our fragrance-free natural mask offers many benefits. Kaolin and Bentonite clay cleanses and detoxifies while Bentonite clay also draws toxins through an electrical attraction when combined with a liquid. The benefit of wild harvested fine chaga mushroom powder acts as a gentle exfoliator and is loaded with over 200 types of antioxidants. Organic turmeric root helps to reduce oil secretion and aids in inflammation. Organic mustard seed assists in hydration and helps to remove impurities. Goat milk soothes and smooths the skin. The baking soda in the mask helps to balance the skin's pH. Allantoin, from the comfrey plant softens the skin, leaving the face feeling exhilarated. Do not use if allergic to mushrooms.


100% Natural Kaolin Clay, (Cleanses and Detoxifies), 100% Natural Bentonite Clay (Cleanses and Detoxifies), Wild Harvested Organic Maine Chaga Mushroom (Inonutus Obliquus, Exfoliates and Skin Immune Support), Organic Turmeric Root (Curcuma Longa, Reduces Inflammation and Oil Secretion), Organic Mustard Seed (Sinapis Alba, Removes Impurities and Hydrates), Goat Milk (Caprae Lac, Smooths and Nourishes), Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate, Exfoliates and Balances pH), Allantoin (From Comfrey Plant, Softens and Exfoliates), Fragrance Free


Mix 1 teaspoon of powder with 3/4 teaspoon liquid. May use soy, goat, or rice milk, juice or water. Mix well and apply with fingers to face. Keep away from lips and eyes. Let dry for 8-10 minutes while the nutrients are absorbed. Remove gently with a very warm, wet washcloth. Rinse well and allow the warm wash cloth to soak into the freshly nourished skin. When dry, moisturize with Maine Chaga Face & Body Cream or Wild Blueberry & Chaga Face Cream. May use 1-2 times weekly.